• Social Relating

      The importance of play with other children under the guidance of the teacher, cannot be underestimated in a child’s development. Sharing, etiquette, and communication are as important as the motor skills, creativity and cooperation learned.

    • Mathematics

      Number recognition, writing, counting, addition and subtraction are taught through hands on learning games and visual aids.

    • Art Time

      Children sharpen their art skills and learn to explore their creativity. Each day children draw and paint a a picture of what we learned about for science that day.

    • Reading Skills

      Character recognition, writing, phonics and blending sounds together, are taught in fun and easy-to-remember ways.

    • Science

      Children learn interesting scientific facts about the world around them. Each month we learn about a new subject.

    • Music Time

      Children learn the fun of group participation in music and it’s usefulness as a tool for memorization.