Summer Explorers

  • What is Summer Explorers?

    Summer Explorers begins June 3rd and ends on August 15th. Our Summer program is fun and fast paced. With new subjects each week, this is the perfect way to stay caught up in the Summer months, all this while having fun with your friends! Friday Field Trips culminate the week's learning concepts. Each one is fun, educational and helps to solidify the new ideas we learned. Field trips begin at 9 a.m. and the children will return to the school at 1 p.m. The field trips are OPTIONAL the cost is $45 each. See our summer schedule below.

    Field Trip Schedule & Weekly Topics

    How to Register:

    1. Click here to view our register page
    2. Fill out registration form
    3. Select Year “Summer Explorers”
    4. Select Preferred Class (Fridays are unavailable in the Summer, 3 day classes will be on the day of your choice ie. MTW, TWR)
    5. Read Policies and Submit Registration form
    6. Pay First months tuition and our registration fee of $85 (must be paid to finish the registration process)