Drop Off & Pick Up

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    Please complete this form when dropping off AND picking up your student from school.

    DROP off & PICK up Procedures

    Please share these procedures with everyone picking up or dropping off your child. Thank you for your cooperation!


    1. Drop off begins at 8:40AM for morning classes and 11:40AM for afternoon classes.
    2. DO NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE, please pull all the way up to the curb on 400 N, next to the preschool facing your car to the west.
    3. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE during drop off. Your child’s teacher will come to the car, help your child out, and walk them to the preschool.
    4. Once your child has exited the vehicle, and it’s safe, please pull forward out of the drop off line so that the line can keep moving.


    1. DO NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE! Pick up begins at 11:20AM for morning classes and 2:20PM for afternoon classes.
    2. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. Your child’s name card needs to be visible in the passenger window in order for them to enter the vehicle. Your child will receive theirs at the beginning of the school year. Your child’s teacher will bring them to the vehicle and help them in.
    3. Once your child is in the car, please pull forward slightly out of the pick up line, and get them buckled. DO NOT BUCKLE THEM IN THE LINE. This will keep the line MOVING and off of University Ave.
    4. Classes end at 11:30AM and 2:30PM respectively. There is a $3 late fee for each minute your child is left at school after class is over.


    1. Please send your child to school each day with a backpack. It should be a bit bigger than 9.5″ X 11.5″ (the size of a regular piece of paper) no smaller please. This will fit their art and daily schoolwork. Please keep a change of clothes in their backpack at ALL times.
    2. In an effort to keep our school clean and germs outside, we take our shoes off at school. Please have your child wear shoes to school that they can put on and take off by themselves.
    3. Write your child’s name inside their coats or jackets.