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    Please complete the entire application. Submit this application, and registration fees (First month’s tuition + $85 Registration Fee) for enrollment. We take payments through Venmo to @chrysalispreschool. These fees are non-refundable.

    • I give permission to Chrysalis Preschool to transport my child to a healthcare facility in case of emergency.
    Along with clicking submit below and agreeing to our policies, please date in this box provided.


    Please read below.

  • Chrysalis Preschool Registration and School Policies

    Applications for enrollment are accepted without regard to race, religion, gender or national origin. No, religious doctrine is taught, although we do stress accepted standards of personal integrity and ethical behavior. Every child, including presently enrolled children must reapply each year.

    Children must be 2.9 years at the time of enrollment. Children must be trained in bathroom habits. Wearing diapers or training pants is not acceptable.

    Health and Emergency

    By clicking submit, you authorize Chrysalis Preschool to obtain emergency medical and/or dental care or emergency evacuation for your child at your expense. You also certify that you have provided all pertinent information on the enrollment application regarding medical conditions or allergies that affect your child.

    Children must be kept home from school if they exhibit such symptoms as: fever, diarrhea, vomiting or other contagious indicators. If a child shows signs of illness or infection while at school, parents should pick up the child within one hour or have another authorized adult pick up the child. Children must be free of symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.

    As standard policy, Chrysalis Preschool does not administer medication to children. However, Chrysalis Preschool will make provisions to administer medication for certain life-threatening conditions that require emergency attention. The State mandates that parents notify the school if they or their children contract any communicable disease such as chicken pox, hepatitis, measles, etc. The school will notify parents if their child is exposed at school to a communicable disease. I agree not to hold Chrysalis Preschool and their staff liable in case of accidents, or injuries that happen during the school day.

    In case of emergency, we will attempt to contact the parents or guardians. If neither can be reached, we will contact the persons whose names are listed as Emergency Contacts, in the order they were listed. Persons listed on the emergency form should be aware that they are listed and speak enough English to respond to the situation, and have agreed to pick up your child when called.

    Withdrawal or Termination

    By clicking submit above, you agree to pay tuition monthly for the entire school year(s) in which you register for from the start date to the last day of school. Any tuition paid in full will not be refunded under any circumstances.

    Chrysalis Preschool reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrollment at any time for any reason not prohibited by law, if in Chrysalis Preschool’s sole judgment, the student is not meeting Chrysalis Preschool’s standards. Withdrawal may be required if tuition and late fees are not paid in a week from the time that they are due. It is important to Chrysalis Preschool that a good relationship exists among parent, student, teachers, and staff.

    Chrysalis reserves the right to discontinue or decline continued enrollment/services to parents or guardians who, in Chrysalis Preschool’s sole judgment, are uncooperative, or abusive to school administrators and staff, or who, in Chrysalis Preschool’s opinion, will not be satisfied with the school’s best efforts. Children who attend Chrysalis Preschool should be at a maturity level such that they do not have violent temper tantrums which involve kicking, biting, hitting, throwing objects, etc. at school administrators and staff or other students. Engaging in these types of tantrums will lead to prompt termination of a student’s enrollment. In such cases in which termination is required any tuition paid will not be refunded. 

    Mediation of Disputes

    If you have a legal or another claim against Chrysalis Preschool or any of its employees which you have not been able to resolve through negotiation with the school, including but not limited to, any dispute arising from the attempt to enroll or the enrollment of your child(ren) in Chrysalis Preschool, you agree by signing the Enrollment Application to submit the dispute to mediation. The mediation will be conducted at the office closest to the school.

    School Hours and Attendance

    No school is held on legal holidays or school breaks. See the school calendar for exact dates. The parent must have an alternate care provider for these days. After the appropriate departure time there is a $2 late fee for each minute your child is left at school. Payment should be made when the child is picked up via. Venmo.

    Daily schedule:

    Mornings: 8:45-11:30 a.m. Afternoons: 11:45 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

    1. A nonrefundable application fee of $85, as well as one month’s tuition, will be charged for each application submitted.
    2. Tuition payments are due on the first of each month, we do not send a monthly statement.  A $10 late fee is charged for unpaid balances after the fifth of each month.
    3. There is a $45 fee for returned checks.
    4. No deductions, refunds, or make-ups days will be given for absences or holidays.
    5. By clicking above, you agree to pay all attorney fees, courts costs, filing fees including charges or commissions up to 50% principal balance that may be assessed to Chrysalis Preschool by any collection agency retained to pursue past due balances.

    Payment Extras:

    Extended Care Prices: $10 every 1/2 hour. Deposits and tuition paid in full is NOT refundable.

    There is a $2 late fee for every minute your child is left at the school after school has ended.