Our Teachers

  • Miss Wendy

    Hi, my name is Miss Wendy. I’m the mother of five wonderful people. I lived in Japan in my early 20’s as a model and in Sweden a few years later as a missionary for my church. I play the guitar, and draw for fun. I LOVE to teach children, I always have! I started Chrysalis Preschool 14 years ago with a baby in my arms and my 3 year old learning at my feet. I had a goal to teach children to love themselves, and through that self-love, they’d learn to do anything else they tried! Today we have the opportunity to teach many more students each day, with seven incredible teachers and so much experience and love to share! I’m so blessed to be able to do what I LOVE every single day!

  • Miss Sabrina

    Miss Sabrina is from British Columbia, Canada. She grew up in a very small loggers town and eventually moved to the USA after meeting her husband. Sabrina grew up speaking Spanish, which came in handy after being called to serve a mission in Peru. This is Sabrina’s 3rd year of teaching at Chrysalis Preschool. She absolutely loves the children and the children love her! She hopes to continue to make a difference in the lives of our little ones who have been a huge blessing in her life. Miss Sabrina will be teaching everyday!

  • Miss Suzy

    Miss Suzy is an incredible teacher, studying early childhood development for three years, with several years experience in Preschools teaching young children. She’s highly gifted at curriculum development, creative abilities and organization. Suzy has two young brothers who are on the Austism Spectrum. Suzy feels that her experience with them, has helped her to be even more in tune with early learners and sensitive to their needs. We are so lucky to have her as one of our amazingly gifted teachers. We are very fortunate to have Miss Suzy teaching our Caterpillar Club class this year and TTH.

  • Miss Camilla

    Miss Camilla was raised in Mapleton Utah. She is the second youngest of five girls. She has been a nanny for four years and loves working with children. She received her degree in Early Childhood Education at UVU. She loves being outside and going hiking and being with her friends and family. Miss Camilla teaches TTH mornings.

  • Miss Josi

    This is Miss Josi. She is currently attending BYU Idaho university. She has a passion for teaching children and is working towards a career in pediatric nursing. Her hobbies including writing, cooking and crafting.  know basic ASL and play the piano. She will be teaching MW Mornings.

  • Miss Kelly

    We are so excited to introduce you to Miss Kelly! beginning with us this Fall she’ll be teaching the MWF morning class. Kelly is studying Early Childhood Education at BYU, and truly has a gift with children. We feel super grateful to have her join us this year and can’t wait to learn from her! Miss Kelly will be teaching MWF Mornings.