About Miss Wendy

  • In 2004, a young mother named Wendy Ahlman started Chrysalis Preschool. With a newborn in her arms,and her three year old learning at her feet, she began teaching her students and developing a new learning system. The positive results were immediate.

    Parents soon realized the difference that Wendy and Chrysalis Preschool were making in the lives of their children. Wendy began attracting students with parents who had money to spare, as well as those who struggled to give their children the best education they could find. There was a new sparkle in their children’s eyes–the budding of knowledge, achievement, and self-respect.

  • However, her initial success only planted the seed for a greater mission. It wasn’t just a job anymore. Wendy decided that if she kept her prices were slightly higher than the competition, she could keep her classes small, treasuring her face time with each child.

    But Wendy wasn’t satisfied, she went back to school to receive her degree in Elementary Education (graduating Cum Laude) while running her Provo preschool, going through pregnancy and giving birth to her youngest. Now over 10 years later, Wendy has helped Chrysalis Pre School become a standard feature in Provo, helping your children develop a love of learning.

  • Miss Wendy in the News

  • Miss Wendy was named one of the People of Provo